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Hi! My Name is Simily but you can call me Simi!

Expanding my Front-end coding knowledge at Codify Academy was amazing. I have deepened my knowledge of creating websites from scratch, add fun animations and responsiveness and so much more. Denys Loveiko is currently my front-end design hero, his clean and modern aesthetic is fascinating. My main goal in life is to leave this earth having made a positive impact on kids who look like me, I have yet to figure out how or what I will do, but please feel free to bring forth any good ideas!

Simily Hill

Some interesting facts

The amount of times I called AAA in 2016
Cups of tea I drank last year
Number of times I restarted the "Squat Challange".
Kids I taught coding to

I am a Self starter! I'm very knowledgeable in a lot of different fields. I'm a quick learner, and a life long learner. Best of all I can pretty much get along with anyone. If you aren't a complete Wacko (like I am) and are productive, chances are you and I will get along great! I'm a very productive person, love getting projects done as fast as possible. My main philosopy in life is to get everything done fast so you have maximum lazy time.

Design, % 100
Photoshop, % 100
Development, % 100
Photography, % 100

My Skills (HOVER BELOW ⇩ )

Web design

I have HTML5 and CSS skills to make your site look on point. Don't believe me, i've used Git to upload everything for you, just click and check out my GitHub.

The Superlatives

I enjoy working with Bootstrap, Javascript MVC's, API's make good things happen in Javascript, Jquery lightboxes and Carousels are fast and fun. Angular makes my heart skip a beat and of course HTML5 and CSS3! (btw I still know more) ☻


User interface! Design, desgin, design, In my opinion the most important aspect of development, I try to get the people clicking and keep them coming back for more with appealing design chops. I am constantly keeping myself up-to-date on the latest concepts and frameworks that add to efficiency and usability


PHOTOGRAPY! Who doesn't love taking pictures? I love integrating my own shots into designs!


I bring to you polished marketing emails, that include mobile capabilities.


Photoshop never hurts combined with some video editing chops, I can make your brand look professional, and showcase your artistic ideas. Send me the designs!!

My Portfolio


E-Commerce Website

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Creative project

Gallery lightbox

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HTML email work

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Landing Page

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Responsive HTML email work

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Creative project

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I would love to join your team!

Meet Me

Originally born and raised in the Bay, I feel so lucky and proud to say that. I have been to a few countries, In Jamaica I learned how to properly "Dutty Wine" in a sketchy dance-hall spot outside of Kingston (google it) and had the opportunity to study the cloud forest in Costa Rica. I'm starting to belive I was a tropical fish in my past life.

Simily Master Jr. Front-end Developer & snapchat filter guru.

What people say?

Simily will be an asset to any company she propels herself to. I have never met anyone who takes the initiative and requires such little direction and makes things happen, her positivity and humor she brings to this company is irreplaceable. .

Adam Laxton, A.T.E.M Laboratories Manager. alaxton@asbestostemlabs.com
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